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Present Your Research

"Having the opportunity to present my research to such a talented group was a wonderful opportunity. Others' questions about my poster gave me excellent feedback on my work."

Learn from the Best

"I was completely blown away by the quality of the plenary sessions that I attended. I could not have possibly imagined that undergraduates could present so well. Bravo!"

Connect with Peers

"Not only did I meet amazing faculty at NCRC, but amazing peers as well. NCRC provided me the opportunity to get closer to my research while making close friends in the process.”

Explore Boston

"I always wanted to explore Boston and this was my opportunity! You shouldn't move the conference anywhere else, it was so much fun to be in Boston!"

If you want to meet the best of the best, this is where they gather. There is nothing more that can be asked for. The NCRC is the best undergraduate research experience out there. an NCRC 2013 participant
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